Free email alias

Get your free [yourname] alias! An email alias is a forwarding address, meaning that all emails addressed to the alias, are forwarded to one or more specified accounts. The alias itself has no inbox, no login and cannot be used to send emails.

Also, we support the + postfix, meaning you can use [yourname]+[whatever] (see all avaiable domains)

Free subdomain with DDNS support

Get your free [subdomain] subdomain with free DDNS. A limit of 5 subdomains per users is set (if you have a a need for more, drop us an email). To set your subdomain's ip address, simply paste the following url into your browser, alternatively you can use curl or wget from your terminal[subdomain][yourkey]&ip=[valid ipv4]
Important: IPv6 is not supported at the moment.
the ip parameter is optional, if not present your public ip will be set.
Example (with ip)
Example (without an IP)

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